UK’s Wild Birds in Decline
by Neil Spinks – Managing Director, Field & Garden Ltd
My father used to talk to me about his love of the dawn chorus. It was a true delight to hear and has been of special significance to me ever since, ultimately leading to the establishment of Field & Garden Ltd.

Neil Spinks ©2002 Anglian Newspapers

Unfortunately, the dawn chorus isn’t what it used to be. The UK’s wild bird population has been in decline for over 30 years and some species are no longer common. There are a number of likely reasons for this. Changes in agricultural practices have undoubtedly taken their toll. However, there are other reasons for loss of habitat; green field development and the ever-expanding infrastructure of roads and motorways have also played their part. Whatever the reasons for the decline, wild birds need all the help we can give to overcome these problems and re-establish themselves as a major feature of UK wildlife.
How Field & Garden is Helping

Blue Tit Bathing © Chris Knights

Care of the UK’s wild bird population is a prime objective of Field & Garden Ltd. With over 20 years in the seeds industry, Field & Garden have a broad understanding and first-hand experience of contract growing, processing and packaging. Our international connections enable us to source many seeds direct from the producers, thus ensuring close control of quality. We realise the importance of high standards and are able to procure a wide range of raw material throughout the year to maintain quality and continuity.All this, coupled with a wealth of knowledge about wildlife and bird care, allows us to provide top quality bird feed products. We have developed a range of premium seed blends, designed to attract and delight the wild bird visitors to your garden. These blends, complemented by our straight seeds and feeding accessories, will provide you with all you need to care for your garden birds and to play your part in addressing their declining population.

Play Your Part – in Partnership with Field & Garden!

Goldfinch© Chris Knights

Whilst your garden can provide the right environment, it is correct feeding of the birds that most benefits their health and therefore increases their overall chances of survival. Year-round provision of high quality feeds enables us to cater for the birds’ nutritional needs through crucial stages in their lives such as breeding and the feeding of the young. A balanced and constant level of care is much more appropriate than offering a winter-only diet of mixtures containing high levels of pulses, which are hard for some birds to digest, or bread and scraps providing little nutritional benefit.

Your care in providing the right environment and quality bird food products will undoubtedly be rewarding. You will be playing your part in supporting the wild bird population and gaining great pleasure from their visits. Field & Garden strives to support you by offering all the best in wild bird care products.